10 facts about Kings of Leon

1. Kings of Leon is an American rock band that formed in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1999.
2. Kings of Leon are made up of members of the Followill family: three brothers Caleb (vocals, guitar), Jared (bass), Nathan (drums) and a cousin Matthew (guitar). Furthermore, their tour technician is their cousin Christopher.
3. They’re named after their grandfather Leon who was a Pentacostal minister. Unfortunately, Leon passed away in 2014.
4. All of the Kings go by their middle names. So what are their real first names? Singer Anthony "Caleb" Followill, drummer Ivan "Nathan" Followill, guitarist Cameron "Matthew" Followill and bassist Michael "Jared" Followill.
5. The three Followill brothers (Matthew is their cousin) grew up in Oklahoma and Tennessee with their father, Ivan Leon Followill, a United Pentecostal Church preacher, and their mother, Betty-Ann.
6. Nathan says, "We kidnapped our cousin from Mississippi, told his mom he was coming for the week and just never let him go home. We locked ourselves in the basement with an ounce of marijuana and literally spent a month down there. My mom would bring us food. And at the end of that month the label people came and we had 'Molly's Chambers,' 'California Waiting,' 'Wicker Chair' and 'Holy Roller Novocaine.'"
7. The title of their debut album was taken from one of their dad’s Bibles The Followills found the title of their 2003 debut album, 'Youth & Young Manhood,' inside one of their dad's Bibles. They said it accompanied a picture of Moses' family tree.
8. There’s a hidden photo of the members of Kings of Leon when they were children hidden in one of their album sleeves. If you remove the plastic case that holds the disc of the band's second album, 2005's 'Aha Shake Heartbreak,' you'll find a photo of the four Followill boys taken years before they knew what 'Sex on Fire' meant.
9. At first, it was only Nathan and Caleb, who relocated outside Nashville. They met songwriter Angelo Petraglia, who not only introduced them to major musical influences, but also helped them in honing their songwriting skills. However, in 1999, when their brother Jared and cousin Matthew moved with them, Kings of Leon was formed.
10. At the beginning RCA Records wanted to make the band only with Caleb and Nathan. The company insisted on picking a backing group for them. However, both the brothers insisted on bringing in their little brother Jared, and cousin Matthew.

Kings of Leon studio albums:
Youth & Young Manhood (2003)
Aha Shake Heartbreak (2005)
Because of the Times (2007)
Only by the Night (2008)
Come Around Sundown (2010)
Mechanical Bull (2013)
WALLS  (2016)