Kings Of Leon Quotes

"I ain’t got a home. I’ll forever roam"


"You told me you loved me, that I’d never die alone. Hand over your heart, let’s go home. Everyone noticed, everyone has seen the signs. I’ve always been known to cross lines"


"Oh, we’d be so free. Happy alone. Sharing a smile, so far from home"


"I don’t care what nobody says. No, I’m going to be her lover. Always mad and usually drunk. But I love her like no other"


"People call us renegades ’cause we like living crazy. We like taking on the town ’cause people’s getting lazy"


"Just know it was you all along who had a hold on my heart but the demon and me were the best friends from the start"


"It’s your life. Don’t you let ’em tell you when to bat your eyes. You’re the only one who’s gonna sacrifice. Makes no difference if you’re right or wrong"


"Dusty and you are dirty from chain. Lips of your kisses are sticking like tape. Woke you at sunrise, cold as a grave. I’ll cut you some flowers, now don’t be afraid"


"I’m looking for something. Just sink in my teeth without any crying. But I can’t find no place or nothing where thrills are cheap and love is divine"


"My darling, you look lovely. I’ve come to lay you down. Uncover your head and submit to me. We’ll make a joyful sound"


"I used to see you every day. I danced around your folk and soul. I danced to all your fucking soul!"


"Lo and behold! Things are killing me. Silly expectation of a dream. Girls are gonna love the way I toss my hair. Boys are gonna hate the way I seem"


"This party is overrated. But there ain’t shit else to do. She’s a lovin’ on a boy from the city. I’ll be lovin’ him under my shoe"