Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky Lyrics

I cry, I cry
I was born in a land, I don't think you understand
God damn what I am
I'm a native of this place, please don't kick me in my face
My race has been disgraced

Won't somebody testify, kick a hole right in the sky
Testify testify kick a hole right in the sky
Slap a liar in his eye, kick a hole right in the sky
Testify testify kick a hole right in the sky Johnny,
Johnny, Johnny
Puts us in a pumpkin shell where you keep us very well
It's hell, where I dwell
When history books are full of shit, I become the anarchist
I'm pissed at this
What this country claims to be
It's a lie
No place for me
I bleed
Kill my trust if you must
But in my blood there is lust
For life
That's right
Apache blood is in my heart thrashing though me like a shark
Crashing though the dark
What am I supposed to do
I feel like I'm cut into confused
By rules
Do these cultures clash or am I living in the past
I ask please tell me fast
To what do I belong and if I change will I be wrong
I took my foot kicked a hole in the sky
I proceeded to plead fathers help me decide
A jagged flash of light struck me in the eye
I turned around and found that I was still alive
Snakes rise high from the purple black sky
The red cloud rains and the black horse rides
Then it dawned on my like the mornin' sun
I'm a part of two worlds and the mornin' comes
Glowing embers tend to remember when
The power that is peace was treated as a friend
I am a master of and I've got to take action
I'm a man, the animal man

Songwriters: John Anthony Frusciante Michael Peter Balzary….