Your Eyes Girl Lyrics

I’m afraid that I’m never afraid
I’ve got combat boots
And I’m American made
For your eyes girl

Mormon lover on a delicate day
Gonna marry the boss
Get carried away
War cries girl

I’m not immune to Canadian snow
Now teach me everything
That I should know
With your eyes girl

Freeze on the radio
I’ve got to leave and more
Freeze on the radio
I’ve got to bleed into snow
Hold on
Let go
We know

Do you shine like a temple inside
Can I open your core
So gentle and wide
Like your eyes girl

Rack ‘em up stretch ‘em out
When they’re tight
This acetylene torch is giving me sight
War cries girl

Black and blue from the hullabaloo
Do the caribou bite
When they look into you
And your eyes girl

Songwriters:: Anthony Kiedis, Michael Balzary, Chad Smith, Josh Adam Klinghoffer