Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface

Blurryface is one of the most interesting albums of 2015, it combines elements of every genre imaginable, from hip-hop to pop to rock to post-hardcore and they combine these elements with ease and it creates an incredible listening experience with a song for every mood.  On their Facebook page, Twenty One Pilots describe their musical style as “Schizoid Pop.”
As the fourth studio album by the band, it continually references not only itself, but past material, often explaining the lyrical meanings via context from older songs.
Throughout the course of Blurryface, frontman Tyler Joseph shares his insecurities about himself spiritually, morally, and in the eyes of others. “Blurryface” himself is a character that portrays Joseph’s insecure side and the person that he is trying to escape.
Most of the album seems to be a conversation and battle between the two characters, with "Blurry" representing Tyler's doubts, insecurities, and demons as he is appealing to God for comfort and answers.
It would be easy to point that Burryface is far too chaotic and haphazard for it to be any good, but its inherent element of chaos is what makes the album so incredibly brilliant. Especially when combined with the emotional turmoil that Tyler is faced with in the lyrical content of Blurryface.
Much of its content can and will be interpreted in many different ways, with some of it initially appearing to be quite dark. While there exist a handful of catchy, radio-friendly tracks, Blurryface is not light material. Listeners will need to extensively chew over the deeper context to fully appreciate the message lurking below the surface.