Twenty One Pilots – Vessel

Vessel is the third studio album by Twenty One Pilots, which was released on January 8th, 2013.
All tracks on the album were written by Tyler Joseph, except for the single “Holding on to You”, which was written by Joseph, Maurice Gleaton, Charles Hammond, Robert Hill, as well as a few others. Recording for Vessel took place at Rocket Carousel Studio, located in Los Angeles, California with Greg Wells producing. Wells mixed the album, while Ian McGregor helped with recording. Mastering was performed by Howie Weinberg and Dan Gerbarg at Howie Weinberg Mastering, also in Los Angeles.
The two old men on the cover of “Vessel” are Tyler and Josh’s paternal grandfathers.
Many reported to love this album, because at least every single song on this album talks about struggles and problems many face throughout their life. The album in the end, lets the listener know that you’re not alone. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun don't shy away from confessing some tough things and diving into hard subject matter. It's clear from start to finish that one (or perhaps both) of these young men have battled mightily with depression and its seductive handmaiden, suicide.
That said, it's equally obvious that their response to those struggles has been shaped by their faith, that their spiritual convictions arm them to do battle with the darkness within. Because of that counterbalancing influence, Twenty One Pilots ultimately delivers a message of honesty, hope and determination to young fans who might be quietly grappling with the same things.